House Leveling

If you are wondering what is house leveling then we can answer that question for you right now. This process consists of raising the home back to the exact way it was when it was first built. A house can sometimes move and we want to put it back to where it was before it started to move. The fact is that most people who own a home don’t even realize that their house has moved and that is understandable. This is why we suggest you let our professional foundation repair team come in and evaluate your house leveling.


Every single home has to be built on a foundation and over a couple of years this foundation can start to sink and even crack in some places. This can be a result of the foundation not being built properly in the first place or the moisture levels in the soil being too high. We can definitely say that a foundation for a house is the strongest and most important part of any house because it’s what holds the house up. This is why house leveling is easily one of the most important things you will need to do for a house in order to keep it strong.

Do You Need House Leveling?

These are the signs we think home owners should look out for if they are starting to wonder if their home needs leveling. You need to look out for cracks in the walls or the ceilings in your home, cracks on the outside of your house, the doors in your home are getting stuck when you open and close them, the floors in your house are starting to dip in certain places and the simplest sign is that if you look at your house from a few feet away, it looks uneven.


The process of house leveling will be different depending on what type of foundation your house has. Either way the outcome will be the same which is an even and repaired foundation. If your house has a pier and beam foundations is done by adjusting the piers, also assure the soil under the foundation is dry all year round. There are many different types of piers. Because of this, or contractors will choose the correct one based on the foundation problem that you are experiencing. For concrete slab foundations, the problem is solved by removing the water source, while sinking is fixed by underpinning the dropped areas.


A home that is sinking into the ground most probably has a structural problem. House leveling will help fix this problem. The thing most people forget to consider is the source of the problem. You need to fix the problem as well as its source so that all the problems don’t come back as a whole. You could have multiple plumbing leaks under your house slab as well as you could have tree roots that are moving around under the house. This is why we suggest you get the experts in so they can find the source of the problem and fix that first before fixing the leveling.