Cracked Wall Structural Repair

This is one of the most common problems you can face with walls. They tend to crack and you are going to need to repair those cracks from time to time in order to prevent future cracks as well as to keep your wall looking as good as new. Nobody wants to see a wall full of cracks inside or outside of their home or business. Our professionals will be able to help both residential and commercial buildings with a wall structural repair service. There are different types of cracks that we want you to look out for.


Firstly, we will need to do surface cleaning followed by the placement of some steel pins in the cracks and then we will do bonding and crack sealing. The reason we clean the crack is to make sure there is no debris inside of it. We will also need to blow out the crack. After these few steps will come the injection step and then we will remove the packers and sealing to be left with the final outcome, which is a sealed crack. There are a good few steps to go through in you are wanting to seal a crack in a wall.

Types of Cracks

On one building you can have different types of cracks in the wall due to different reason which we will go through with you now. Some cracks will be more sunken in, some crack swill show hairlines, some will be regular stress cracks which are the most common and other cracks can buckle in. The problem we find with most cracks is that the previous work on the crack was not done correctly therefore the cracks start to show way sooner than they should. This is why we want you to get it done the right way, luckily you have us.

Structural Stress

If you’re wondering why you are getting cracks, then there are a number of reasons to consider. If you have a plaster wall that is cracking in specific places time and time again then it could be because parts of the walls are sinking. Sinking happens over time due to soil moisture and other factors. There are certain finishes and products that you need to use on certain types of wall that you are working with. Sometimes we find that people use tape to hold together the cracks and we find that wind can get under it and you will start to see the wall bubble.


This factor all depends on how big or small your crack is and where it is. The products we use usually dry really quickly which will allow us to fix up your cracks in a short amount of time. We will firstly need to assess the crack and understand why it is cracking in that place. We will need to open up the cracks to see how big it really is and how deep it goes. We will mix up the right bonds and chemicals for your specific crack, depending on the kind of crack and the reason behind it happening. We suggest keeping up with your cracks because if you’re getting them regularly then they will continue to grow and become worse.