Commercial Foundation Repair

You’re wondering why your commercial buildings foundation is failing and needing repairs. We are here to tell you that it is normal and their foundations are prone to all sorts of foundation problems. The buildings are often large meaning that they need large amounts of concrete. There are many problems that can arise such as settlement, concrete cracks and sloped floors. These problems come about due to problems that were present during the construction phase of the foundation. These problems could have been improperly mixed concrete or poorly compacted soil. Our experts have many years of experience dealing with all commercial foundation problems.

Underpinning Technique

Your commercial foundation is sinking and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, we have a technique to combat this problem called underpinning techniques. This technique is the installation of steel push piers which transfer the weight of the structure. Once they have been driven under the concrete of the foundation, the piers are used to take the weight off the soil that is unstable and transfer it to more stable soil found deeper underground. Our foundation engineers are experienced in this technique and are able to do this process with efficiently and as safe as possible.

Soil Nailing

You’re finding more and more evidence that your building foundations are not stable and you’re wanting a solution fast. Our engineers can help you sort this problem for you. Soil nailing is one shoring technique that we use to stabilize your foundations walls as well as to retain walls that have started shifting are starting to lean over. The devices that we use are anchored into the nearby ground and attached to the foundation wall. This applies the necessary pressure needed to correct your leaning walls and restores the foundation wall to its correct position.


You’re wondering what the symptoms are that you need to look out for to determine whether there is something wrong with your foundation or not. There are several symptoms to look out for when determining if you have foundation failure. These symptoms are as follows; settlement or shifting, sloped floors, leaning walls, cracked floors, water leakage and crumbling or flaking concrete. All of these signs are indicators that something may be wrong with your foundation. If you can see any of these problems occurring, contact our foundation contractors to come to you and help provide a solution before you potentially lose your commercial building completely.


You’re wondering what can be done to save your building or even if there is anything that can be done. There are many different solutions that our foundation engineers have for whatever your problem may be. Occasionally there is more than one problem with your foundations, but don’t stress as we can still help save your building. One of the solutions that we pride ourselves on is piling. For this solution we use helical piles which are augercast piles. They are screwed into the ground and then removed slowly. While they are being removed, concrete is injected into the shaft that the piles have created. This process allows us to support the foundation with more concrete without disturbing the area.